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Born in Belgium. Beloved worldwide.

Designed to meet the demands of busy restaurants, Demeyere brings professional quality to your home kitchen. As technology buffs, Demeyere is constantly tinkering, since their philosophy dictates that good design is more than just cosmetic. It means tight-fitting lids and long-lasting finishes—details that put pleasure in your cooking.
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Renowned Demeyere quality, now also in aluminium cookware.
The body of cold forged aluminium ensures good heat conduction. The design of Alu Pro was specifically designed with ta thicker Radiant® bottom with Triplinduc® for an even better connection with tan induction plate. Aluminium is very strong but has a lighter weight than stainless steel cookware, which makes it a very suitable material when it comes to handling.


Cookware for both the young family and the demanding hobby chef.
Apollo from Demeyere is the ideal series of cookware for both the young family and the demanding hobby chef. A range of products, ranging from the traditional saucepan and stockpot to more specialised pans such as the conical sauté and simmer pans, provide the perfect cooking tool for any preparation.


Cookware for people who love beauty and comfort.
The Atlantis series from Demeyere is the perfect series of cookware for people who love beauty and comfort. With Atlantis, Demeyere achieves the ultimate in high-quality stainless steel cookware without forgetting tradition and genuine cooking pleasure. For every Atlantis pot or pan, a technology is used that is adapted to the typical preparations in that product.


The Industry series is designed by Belgian designer Stefan Schöning.
Industry brings together the best of both worlds: robust, sturdy, ‘American style’ cookware in combination with Demeyere technology and European heritage. This extensive range with an industrial look, designed by Belgian designer Stefan Schöning, ensures a lifetime of cooking pleasure.


The Intense series has everything for the discerning chef.
Pure quality for carefree cooking, smart technology to save energy and a seductive look. The double-walled lids preserve heat and vitamins. They are welded shut, so that the part between the walls acts as an insulator, keeping the food warm for longer.

John Pawson

Designed by minimalist architect John Pawson.
To mark its 100th anniversary in 2008, Demeyere launched a new series designed by the famous British architect John Pawson. The combination of functional complexity and formal simplicity gives this series a unique contemporary character and a special appeal. Characteristic of this series are the double-walled lids that have an extra insulating effect.


The Resto range offers high quality, yet budget-friendly and efficient cookware.
Resto by Demeyere is an entry-level range that contains budget-friendly products that are undoubtedly the most efficient and user-friendly in their category. The Resto series is matt polished with a shiny lid that makes for an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional combination of style and utility.
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Best in class cookware
Get dazzled by stainless steel cookware that cooks as good as it looks.
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Italian cookware with style and quality that resonates attention to detail.
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