Demeyere AluPro Duraglide Titanium Pancake Pan 28cm

The ultimate nonstick by the best in Belgian cookware.
Demeyere AluPro Duraglide Titanium Pancake Pan 28cm

Renowned Demeyere quality, now also in aluminium cookware.

The body of cold forged aluminium ensures good heat conduction. The design of Alu Pro was specifically designed with ta thicker Radiant® bottom with Triplinduc® for an even better connection with tan induction plate. Aluminium is very strong but has a lighter weight than stainless steel cookware, which makes it a very suitable material when it comes to handling.


The cold forged aluminium construction with 5mm base provides fast and even heat distribution, avoiding hot spots to help prevent burning food.

TriplInduc technology gives the pan a strong, stable base for excellent contact on induction, offering up to 30% more efficiency over other base types to help reduce energy use. The Duraglide Titanium non-stick coating is durable, scratch-resistant and allows healthy non-stick frying with the use of little oil or fat. The lightweight, stainless steel handle is riveted to the body for strength. The Demeyere AluPro pan can be used at home or in professional kitchens and is perfect for cooking pancakes for great caramelised flavours.

  • Aluminum base of 5mm: fast heat conduction
  • Tripilnduc ®: up to 30% more efficiency on induction
  • Radiant®: superconducting bottom on induction with extra bottom stability thanks to innovative shape
  • Stainless steel lid with Silvinox®: permanently silvery white and easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handles and rivets in stainless steel 18/10

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