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Mori ICM Le Pentole StockPot with Lid

Expression of a design with sober and refined shapes.
Mori ICM Le Pentole StockPot with Lid

80 years of passion and work, always focusing on quality

Mori is an Italian company that for over eighty years designs and manufactures with passion, cutlery, pots and accessories for the table and the kitchen. Attention to quality, style, and attention to detail are the characteristics that have helped make Mori one of the most popular cookware brands in Italy and abroad.


The Le Pentole series is currently produced under the ICM brand, a history of Made in Italy cookware.

Expression of a design with sober and refined shapes, the collection is made with high quality materials and finishes of the highest level that guarantee its inalterability over time.

In summary the main features:

  • excellent stackability for multi-cooking cooking and to optimize space.
  • the pots are suitable for all heat sources.
  • the vapor-stop half-dome lids allow the steam to cool, preventing it from escaping or falling into the pot.
  • the triple bottom with different thicknesses (steel, aluminium, steel) guarantees excellent heat distribution.
  • the edges are resistant to deformation up to 100 kg of pressure.




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