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Designed to meet the demands of busy restaurants, Demeyere brings professional quality to your home kitchen. As technology buffs, Demeyere is constantly tinkering, since their philosophy dictates that good design is more than just cosmetic. It means tight-fitting lids and long-lasting finishes—details that put pleasure in your cooking.
Demeyere Controlinduc® Grill Pan

Demeyere Controlinduc® Grill Pan

Demeyere Controlinduc® Grill pan. 
The ControlInduc® grill pan is specifically designed for use on induction. The special ControlInduc® technology limits the temperature to 250°C on induction hobs and avoids overheating.


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Grilling is a very simply way to give an extra touch to your dishes.

You get that typical grill flavour that many are looking for. The grill lines provide a professional presentation. In addition, grilling is a simple way to fry low-calorie.  The ridges in the pan remove fats and prevent them from coming into contact with the ingredients.

The® grill pan is specifically designed for use on induction. The special® technology limits the temperature to 250°C on induction hobs and avoids overheating. Up to +/- 220° C the® grill pan will heat up normally like any other grill pan, but above that temperature the power of the inductors will gradually decrease to stabilize between 245 and 250°C. The® grill pan owes its special property to the special magnetic material used in the outer layer of the product. It is a unique alloy that remains magnetic up to 250°C. Above this temperature it loses its magnetic properties and thus recommends the induction plate to reduce the energy. That way®  avoids loss of heating time and ensures a pan that remains warm, without the risk of overheating.

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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 52 × 35 × 14 cm

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