Things to Consider When Buying Cookware

Things to Consider When Buying Cookware
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We all know the overwhelming feeling when you see countless beautiful displays, and endless options of cookware!

Where do I begin? How do I know if I’m choosing the right thing? Copper or Stainless steel? The questions are endless, but there are 4 easy quality checks to look for that will make choosing the right pots and pans as easy as it is to cook with them.

Sets or Individual pieces?

Let’s start with the question that is probably bugging you most. All major brands sell matching pot and pan sets with 5, 8 and event 10 frequently used pieces at a bundle price. However, you may already have a standard set and want to add pieces that are more task specific. As we move to autumn and you begin making stews, casseroles, and roasts, a cast iron Dutch oven is essential for seamlessly going from stove to oven.

Secure Lids

Make sure that your lid fits tightly, to maintain food moisture during cooking and has a heatproof knob. Glass lids are convenient for checking cooking progress without having to lift the lid and reducing boil-overs. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines for oven safety.

Practical and Heatproof Handles

Noting is worse than cooking with a pot or pan for the first time, when your reach for the handle, only to burn yourself. When choosing your pot or pan remember these four tips

  • Look for pots and pans with stainless-steel handles these stay cool due to their low conductivity.
  • Make sure the handles have been secured properly to avoid the collection of food residue.
  • Plastic and wood handles are heat proof but cannot be placed in the oven.
  • Metal handles with removable rubber heat guards are the most versatile.

Thick bottoms

Pots and pans should be thick enough to evenly conduct heat and prevent food from burning. The best all round choice is a stainless-steel pot or pan, with an inner layer of copper or aluminium. This combination means that it is durable, non-reactive to acidic foods, conducts heat well and is easy to clean.

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Cooking with quality.

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