Demeyere High Domed 36cm Wok Lid

The perfect companion for your Demeyere wok.
Demeyere High Domed 36cm Wok Lid

Born in Belgium. Beloved worldwide.

Designed to meet the demands of busy restaurants, Demeyere brings professional quality to your home kitchen. As technology buffs, Demeyere is constantly tinkering, since their philosophy dictates that good design is more than just cosmetic. It means tight-fitting lids and long-lasting finishes—details that put pleasure in your cooking.


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Demeyere wok lids

Demeyere High domed lid 36cm

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As every chef from the Far East has known for centuries, the wok is a wonderful piece of cookware.

With the West gradually getting to grips with this versatile pan, interest in it has been hotting up outside Asia as well. Meanwhile, gourmets world-wide have discovered the many benefits of this hemispherical pan for different cooking methods such as deep frying, boiling, stewing, steaming or roasting. The modern Demeyere Wok guarantees perfect heat distribution: the wok becomes hot in the middle (230°C) and cools gradually towards the edge. This high domed 36 cm lid is the perfect companion for your Demeyere wok.


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