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Demeyere Controlinduc®Granite non-stick frying pan


Demeyere Controlinduc® Granite non-stick frying pan

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Demeyere Controlinduc® Granite non-stick frying pan

Demeyere produced the first pans and woks equipped with Controlinduc®, a secure system which prevents the maximum temperature exceeding 250 degrees on induction cookers. The cooking of food is always between 170 and 230 degrees. Beyond 250 degrees the food starts to be carbonised and should no longer be consumed. A blue smoke appears when oil and butter overheat. This is a sign that the fat has burnt and that it can no longer be used.

These risks are avoided with the Controlinduc® system but only when it is used on the induction cookers. Even at full power it is the pan that regulates the temperature. Until about 220 degrees a product equipped with the Controlinduc® heats normally as all the other pans. Above this temperature the power of the inductors progressively diminished and stabilises between 245 and 250 degrees.

When, for example, one puts cold or raw food in the pan, such as a piece of meat or some pancake dough, the pan re-cools and the power of the inductor automatically augments without the intervention of the user. And even if one forgets a pan during its time on the induction plate it does not over heat. For the Controlinduc® products with a non-stick coating this means the coating remains intact, since the temperature is blocked at 250 degrees.

  • Important points:
    - It is recommended that the Controlinduc® pans with a non-sick coating should not be used on any other heat sources than induction. It will heat as a normal pan but the Controlinduc® function will not function because of the consequence of a risk of overheating and deterioration of the non-stick coating. The ProControl pans without the non-stick coating do not have this risk.
  • - Never use sharp objects in a pan with a non-stick coating. That would shorten the lifespan of your ControlInduc product. Today exist a number of synthetic material products which do not risk damaging the non-stick coating.



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